I usually comment on a game after it has been played but today I’m writing the first paragraph before the game.  I want to describe my feelings before it starts. As a Birmingham City fan I have learned to cope with defeats. But the 0-8 defeat by Bournemouth was one that left a deep scar. The worst bit was that a large part of the crowd gave up and left before the end. Today there won’t be a crowd of Blues fans to walk out early but we could still lose. And I’ve realized that what I want to see is a better performance that will help to heal some of the hurt I felt back then. According to the 11v11 website  we have played 19 games against Bournemouth and have won 3, drawn 4 and lost 12.  So I am not really expecting us to win today.

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3 thoughts on “Bournemouth

  1. Tracey Tyler

    Karanka bought donkeys into the club ie Friend, San Jose and that other Donkey who l can’t bring myself to name and I’m sorry to say that he is a Manager who drowns himself in tactics and is clearly out of his depth. It comes to something when l say l envy clubs like Barnsley, Preston and Rotherham who pick up bargains and are well run clubs, We Are not

  2. WayCoolBlue

    I try not to dwell on the past and that was in the past now we had no manager and no hope back then. I have to say that I think Karanka is the seconds Zola every think about his appointment reminds me of Zola
    Both transfer windows are very similar pick up a lot of players fast at the beginning of the summer transfer window nothing really comes of it none of them really perform that well. And then a late trolley dash in this January window. Sitting in exactly the same position as we was when Zola walked with 18 games to go. The only difference now is we have a better squad of players but I wouldn’t call them a better team I’m not so sure Karanka knows what is best team is he hasn’t even stuck to a formation I’m replying after the game so you will know we lost and it was down to poor defending but also bad substitutions why would you take off your goalscorer in the last five minutes when he’s on a hat-trick. Why take off your right back to bring on a young lad on loan who’s had now time with the team yet. That’s all very similar to Zola. So it’s looking to me like He isn’t making the decisions he’s just another puppet for dingdong. We had the funds there to push the team forward when Zola was in charge but now we don’t have that and this could be the season we go down.
    I hope I’m wrong and I hope Karanka Will prove me wrong KRO

  3. Tracey Tyler

    Agree Zola mk 2,lets hope Karanka follows him and does the descent thing and falls on his sword. I said at the time we should have had Paul Cook but l don’t suppose he would have been the A lister appointment King Dong wanted. Cook said he would have worked with our youngsters but little did we know at the time Dong was planning to tear all the youth academies apart. It’s been a gradual dismantling of the Club and with relegation quite a distinct possibility it’s almost been achieved. No Academies, No Ground, No Soul.

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