Blues Trust Strategy: Board Expansion

I don’t want to be negative about Blues Trust; I’m a member and believe that it has enormous potential.  So I’m going to write about one of their proposals1 that I agree with: board expansion.

Blues Trust Rules2 state that the board should have no less than 6 and no more than 10 members (Rule 57).  For the first elections last year the steering group decided to make 6 places on the board available for election.  Only 4 people were nominated, their election was approved at the Annual General Meeting and they co-opted the other board members.

At the time of the first AGM there were just over 200 members and I believe that number has more than doubled since then.  So it seems reasonable to have more board members after the next AGM and I think 8 elected board members would be good.

Anyone who wants to be a candidate for election must be a full member of the trust and be nominated by two other members.  If you want all the details, Blues Trust Election Policy3 is available for download from their site.  Briefly, the policy is designed to make the elections fair and democratic.  An Election Management Group is set up to run the process; members of the present Board and candidates standing for election cannot be in the EMG.  Also, the Chair of the EMG has to be an independent person who is not a member of Blues Trust.

If you are at all interested in standing for election, there’s a great opportunity to learn more in early July.  Supporters Direct is running a Board Member Development day in Birmingham on July 6th. This is designed for those who are on or are considering being on, the board of a supporters trust.  There will be people from other trusts there so it will provide an introduction to some people in the trust movement as well as an outline of what is required of board members.   There are details4 of the event on the SD website. I’ve checked with the person who will be doing the training and it is ok for individuals who are interested to attend; they don’t have to be nominated by Blues Trust or anything like that.

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