Blues Trust needs some small victories

Patience is not a virtue possessed by many football fans. Most want success for their teams and they want it now.  If they get it, they want more success at a higher level.  Fans that are delirious with joy at escaping relegation will want to be in the top six the following season.

I imagine that this makes it difficult for Blues Trust Board to think of a campaign that would interest and unite Birmingham City fans. The main aim of the trust is to “establish a unified voice for Birmingham City fans, secure representation and influence within Birmingham City Football Club and to help safeguard the Club’s future.” (See their Mission Statement) Securing representation and influence doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon.  It’s good as a long term goal but I have a feeling that Blues fans are looking for something more immediate than that.  So here’s my suggestion.

In my last post I referred to small victories won by fans of Cardiff City and Bolton Wanderers.  Since the possibility of getting fan representation on the BCFC board seems a long way off, I think Blues Trust should try to find some issue on which they have a chance to win a small victory —a kind of training exercise for the bigger battles ahead.

One thought that occurred to me was the possibility of doing something in relation to the club’s partnership with Nicolites.  I don’t think there would be much backing for a campaign to get the club to change sponsors as most fans seem grateful to any sponsor prepared to give the club money while it is in such a perilous financial situation.  So I think we’d have to ask for something much less than that, for example we could ask that there should be some adult-sized shirts without the Nicolites logo available for fans who objected to it.

The trust would need to start by communicating with the club and with its members, both worthwhile activities.  They would have to find out from the club what would be involved and also poll members to see if there was sufficient support among them.  They could then consider the feedback and decide whether or not to organise a campaign.

It’s just an idea and probably not a very good one but I think it’s a no-lose idea for the trust.  They will learn something about organising a campaign and if anything is achieved they can receive the plaudits.  If nothing is achieved the board members can say, “We were just responding to a suggestion from one of our members; it wasn’t our idea.  Blame that mad woman who writes the Long long road blog.”

1 thought on “Blues Trust needs some small victories

  1. kpg

    I think your intentions are sound and winning a small battle would be a beginning but I think this is a non state. I would undermine the sponsorship deal and the very reason sponsors get involved.
    As you point out the game is run for money not for football and with every passing year the Premiership bully boys get bigger and stronger. The mis-named Champions League makes it even worse with the likes of Arsenal content with finishing 4th with little chance of finishing Champions.

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