Blues Trust meets with other Championship trusts

I was pleased to read that representatives of Blues Trust were among those who met at the Championship Trusts Group meeting last Saturday.  This group was set up by Supporters Direct as a network where members from different trusts can share knowledge and identify issues that are important for all football supporters.  Representatives from trusts in the group meet several times a year and keep in contact between meetings.

I’ve already mentioned in a previous post that I think it is valuable to establish relationships with other supporters so it’s good to know that Blues Trust is working on this.  I’m also glad that they told us about it by email and on their site (click here for the link).  Blues Trust comes in for a lot of flak from some quarters and one criticism is that they, like the club, lack transparency and I can understand why some fans get impatient for news.  I personally believe that Blues Trust board members have good reasons for not revealing all the contacts they’ve made or all that goes on behind the scenes but that it’s imperative for them to share all the news that they can.