Blues Trust interview on Radio WM

I just listened to Nick Conrad interviewing Robert Hughes, a Blues Trust board member.  Robert made some good points.  He said that the salary being paid to Peter Pannu is too expensive for a club with the kind of financial problems that Birmingham City has.  It is also a lot more than Karren Brady was paid. Robert also said that we need new owners, not absentee landlords and that the owners need to invest their hearts and minds, not just their money.

Some online slacktivists add comments such as “whoever they are” when they write about Blues Trust board members, suggesting that the trust is run by an anonymous, self-appointed group.  This is simply not true.  The names of all the board members are listed on their site and they give interviews.

If you are trying to decide whether the trust is run by a bunch of idiots or some reasonable and articulate fans, listen to this interview on BBC WM iPlayer. It aired a couple of minutes before 11.30 am, Saturday March 30th; go to 2 hr 27 mins on Nick Conrad’s programme to listen. (Note: this programme is no longer available on iPlayer.)