WBA won and we lost. That happens in football. I personally believe it is better to accept that losing happens rather than looking around for someone to blame. We’ve all probably felt like victims at times and that’s not a problem. It can become a problem if you always blame someone else or the English Football League (EFL) for everything that goes wrong.  Blaming others can be a way of avoiding taking any responsibility ourselves.

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11 thoughts on “Blame

  1. Mark jackson

    Not necessarily there was obvious blame attached to their penalty that allowed them back into the game.


    For me livermores shot would have been saved by 8 out of 10 average keepers. Camp is awful and if I was trumeman id be knocking on monks door asking wtf, how is he picked over me. Davis needs more reserve action, the gardners dont look like they have anything in the tank. Maghoma can be read like ladybird book, mahoney looked ok then away a stupid pen that an under 8 wouldnt have committed to. wba are average ans so are allot of the top team in the division. No wonder tyhe vile think they are now sure on for a play off place. my worry is they will avoid fines and points deduction by getting promoted. hey are an historically jammy.

  3. alan watton

    Good points by all. I would say although it was unlucky with the penalty it was a stupid lunge that was always going to leave the ref with a decision.

    1. dean johnson

      agree. but it was outside the area and he reached the ball first. surely we should have had the benefit of the doubt? I remember a similar penalty against us at Vile Park when Roger Johnson won the ball fairly but Atkinson, the ref, gave them the match winning goal.

  4. jon fletcher

    camp to blame again for the third goal …we need a new keeper …trueman should get a chance even though we’re in trouble

  5. Sausage n Egg

    It is evident we are not very good … Monk has his hands tied and we have punched above our weight … Now we have been found out and have not got the players to mix it up. Small squad with too much average will always get caught out . Just hope we survive and Monk gets a chance to build what he sees fit… Not expecting anything decent anytime soon or at least until we get owners who know about football and how to run a football club….. Until then it’s KRO and suck it up I’m afraid…..

  6. Ijaz

    Teams lose games because they concede goals. If people do their jobs properly then you minimise the chance of this happening. So who is to blame? It is clearly not nobody as you seem to suggest. Camp should’ve saved one but where was the defence? The referee gave a shocking decision for the penalty. Pederson gave away a stupid needless free kick which resulted in a goal. I don’t think the referees have been advised to give decisions against us though we have had some shocking refs this season.

    So who’s to blame? Ultimately it’s the team on the pitch and person picking the team and tactics. There are players playing who are out of form and need dropping. There are players playing who are injured and need to be taken out of the first team. There are players who have been out with long term injuries and aren’t ready yet. There are players who should be playing but aren’t.

    It is still very much in our own hands. Results mean everything and NO we are ARE NOT too good to go down.

  7. mike tomkinson

    lets be honest we cant defend a lead , and we pannick in the last 20mins of every game when we are attacked. but what do you expect we have been unable to strengthen all season and when that did not prove punishment enough as we did well we get docked nine points, unfair treatment

  8. R Smith

    As one of the comments says, we have been punching above our weight all season, in other words we should be praising, not criticizing the team.
    It seems to me that some Blues fans have got a case of Villa supporters’ syndrome, ready to get on some of the players backs at any opportunity.
    If we are in a mess it is not the players we should blame but the owners who made one stupid decision after another. Hopefully Monk’s appointment will be the start of a run of sensible decisions.
    As for refs being instructed to do the Blues over, don’t be stupid. If that were true and it was to come out people would go to prison for corruption and breaking betting laws. I have been a Blues fan for over 50 years. Refs have always been shit.

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