Blame game

We’ve lost three games in a row and some people are discussing who to blame. 

Is it Pep Clotet’s fault and should he go?  Or is Pep just following instructions from Ren Xuandong and should he be the one to go? For me, the most important factor is not who goes out but who comes in and I agree with what Daniel said in his editorial:

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3 thoughts on “Blame game

  1. walker

    I think you need to look at board level first, They seem to be disctating what pep does and I am surprised he is putting up with it, although if you were a club would you offer pep a job. And I think he may have missed the boat with monk. I would love to see hughton come back, best football ive seen at st andrews and with limited budget. Very underrated manager. But I am guessing he wouldbt come back knowing we are short of forward etc. And i am also wary that manager left for a reason in the first place.

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