Black and white

Last night I watched Whites vs Blacks: How Football Changed a Nation on BBC 2. It was a reminder of the racial abuse directed at the first black football players in England. I’m glad that such overt abuse is no longer allowed at football grounds but that doesn’t mean those attitudes have been eliminated in our society. As Jason Roberts pointed out, some of the abuse now appears on Twitter. I find it hard to understand how football fans could think like that. Just imagine what Birmingham City’s team would be like without our black players.  If we’re glad to have them in our team, why would we abuse players like them in other teams? It doesn’t make sense.

On Friday, I watched a film that was also dealt with racism and the British government’s attempts to stop a black African prince marrying a white British woman because that would upset South Africa’s government. It’s called A United Kingdom and is a lovely film.  Go and see it and also watch Whites vs Blacks on iPlayer, if you didn’t see it last night. This has been a troubling year in international politics. I believe that more than ever we need to learn how to live with people who are not like us rather than to succumb to the rhetoric of fear and hate.