Birmingham City still ticking over


I met my postman this morning. He was arriving just as I went out to the entrance hall to check my mail box. “Don’t worry,” he said when he saw me, “your tickets are here.”  I worry about a lot of things related to Birmingham City (Will Carson ever sell it?  How far down the Football League will we plunge?) but I don’t worry about tickets arriving.  I was irritated that tickets I had ordered at the same time arrived in three separate envelopes spread out over three days but I was pretty sure that they would come. The day-to-day work at the club is still getting done and I’m grateful for that.

The BCFC staff who are getting the work done are living with the same uncertainty that is unsettling the fans.  Some of them are probably wondering if they will have a job next season. A lot of employees don’t know any more than fans do, about what is going on at the club.  More senior staff must know a bit more but even they can’t be sure of what’s going to happen next. But they are keeping things ticking over; tickets get sold and games are played.  They are managing to do more than the bare minimum too.  I am glad to see their support for the Help Harry Help Others charity match and the Birmingham City Former Players’Association event celebrating the 50th anniversary of winning the League Cup for the first time.

Things are still ticking over on the pitch too.  The point earned against Leicester brings us up to 54 points, not mathematically safe from relegation but in a less perilous position than Wolves or Villa.  I don’t like the situation the club is in but it could be worse.