Birmingham City diversity

I like living in a diverse city and I don’t expect everyone who lives here to behave in just the same way.  When I go to St Andrew’s I don’t expect all Blues fans to behave in the same way either.

I don’t expect all Blues fans to have the same musical tastes as I do.  I am not particularly keen on fans playing musical instruments but it wouldn’t worry me if they did. I’d prefer music created by fans to the deafening recorded stuff that comes over the PA system. I still have fond memories of the time when the crowd generated all the noise and atmosphere but I accept that the world has moved on.

I also accept that there are different views on how to pay tribute to Christian Benitez on Saturday.  I don’t understand why some have reacted so negatively to the suggestion to have a minute’s applause in the 11th minute.  I can understand people not liking the idea but not the attitude that says there is only one correct way to behave at a match and anyone who doesn’t agree with me is wrong.

Birmingham City needs all the support it can get. We should appreciate all the fans that turn up, with all their diverse views and ways of expressing support.  There are a few things that shouldn’t be tolerated, such as violence and racist abuse, but let’s not bicker over unimportant differences of opinion.

2 thoughts on “Birmingham City diversity

  1. terry oneill

    Well said, I completely agree. There are bigger things to disagree over and it only helps in overshadowing the reason for a tribute in the first place.

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