Big performance and big screen

Birmingham City’s performance against Norwich was everything I had hoped for and more. I would have been happy with any sort of win, even if it had been ugly or undeserved.  So I was overjoyed to see the team play well and win 3-0.

And the questions bumbling round my mind as I left the game were not about the match itself but about the sponsors,  questions such as who dreamed up the 888 half time challenge?  And in what sense were the corners on Saturday brought to us by Montpellier appliances?  We used to get corners without any help from a sponsor.

I hope that not too many things get sponsored. It’s really nice having a new big screen that works and I don’t want it telling us which sponsors have brought us the goal kicks, free kicks, throw ins etc. I want to see replays, the score and, at the end, the scores from other games too.  Pertinent information on the big screen is never going to be a major factor that determines whether or not I enjoy a game, but it does help.

2 thoughts on “Big performance and big screen

  1. Sean

    Im all for these sponsors. More money into the club is vital it doesnt effect what hapens on the pitch

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