Be careful what you wish for

I think most Birmingham City supporters would welcome a change in the ownership of the club at present. For some, the situation at the club is so dire that they’d welcome just about anyone who bought the club.  And, I believe, that’s why support for a Paladini takeover has been expressed.  

I also would like a change but wouldn’t welcome Paladini.  And it’s memories of the TV programme QPR: The Four Year Plan that makes me feel like that.  It was a documentary showing the incredible year for Queens Park Rangers, where it went from rescue from bankruptcy by wealthy owners to promotion to the Premier League. The behind-the-scenes footage revealed a bizarre approach to running a club. One of the owners, Flavio Briatore, wanted to control football strategy and gave instructions on substitutions to the manager during games.  He also sacked several managers during the season.

When Gianni Paladini talks about buying Birmingham City, he is not talking about buying it with his own money. He would be acting as a front man for a consortium.  I haven’t seen any reports that give the names of the people who would be in this group.  They might be a group of rich men who know a lot about running football clubs. But, having seen the group of owners that Paladini was associated with at QPR, I don’t entirely trust his judgement.

Blues are playing QPR today.  If you are going to the game and have the opportunity, I suggest you ask some QPR fans what they think of Paladini.

1 thought on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. John

    As I have said before, Paladini lives in England, according to reports, in Solihull, so if the club is not run properly, he would hear our protests loud and clear. Also, whoever is backing him, should have learnt from any mistakes made at QPR. Besides I haven’t heard of any other investors beating a path to St. Andrews. At least, Paladini voiced his intentions to buy the club, for all to hear. Apart from him, there has been a deafening silence.

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