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While I was listening to Birmingham City’s game yesterday evening, it felt as though football was the most important thing in the world.  But when I calmed down after the terrible 0-4 loss, I knew that football, for me, is just the most important of the non-important things. I hope that, if I was able to choose between Birmingham winning the Premier League or Covid‑19 being abolished, that I would choose to end the pandemic rather than put Blues on the pinnacle.

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18 thoughts on “Bank Job

  1. Paul Davis

    To be fair I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of everything that is Birmingham City,from the owners to the players. There is something very rotten at the club and its not going to be solved anytime soon. I am tired of watching a group of players that show no desire to put on the shirt and fight for this once proud club. After over 40 years of supporting my club I feel myself slowly falling out of love with the club I absolutely adored. I dont know if I will get it back but I have just grown tired of poor ownership,man management etc etc etc
    The day when we lifted that trophy was a day ill never forget. It was day when I felt that we were no longer the poor relations to that horrible lot down the road. We could finally stand tall but ever since that day the fans have had to endure owners who are completely clueless on how to run a football club. Its not just about the current owners but also the previous. When you look at clubs like Man City,Chelsea,they have been lucky at having owners who seem to know that the club isn’t just a business but a community.
    I can imagine previous players who wore that badge with pride are desperately saddened at the current crop showing lack of desire. Ex players who are gracing the pitches above must be turning in there graves at what is going on.

  2. Richard Williams

    The game is simple, score more goals than the other side. This Blues team have no idea of how to score goals, we don’t even know how to create chances now. Our idea is to boot it up in the air forward and hope someone picks up the second ball, but we are so negative the support has only just crossed the half way line. we play with two wingers how many times do we turn their back line and deliver into the box and give the strikers at least a chance. Hogan doesn’t play for us he just goes out for a run around as the supply is non-existent. You can see the opponents after 10-15 minutes all move forward 15 yards because there’s little or no threat coming from blues and they are always on the front foot. Our first thought is move it backwards. We need to at least try to pressure the other teams. Blues fans will always support the teams if they have a right go, roll up their sleeves give what they have. I have to blame the manager and coaches they are the ones setting out how we play, this is not what the old blues were about. Please, Please let the team at least have a go.

  3. Roy Smith

    1 shot on target in 90 minutes, at home yesterday. Below average for us but not by far.
    I was in favour of appointing Paul Cook in the Summer, a manager who had pretty average players at Wigan performing out of their skins, but thought Karanka would be a decent alternative. How wrong can you be?
    Karanka has a reputation of having dour but solid teams, well the dour part has remained, but we are as solid as a Boris Johnson promise.
    I really do feel that we are going down this year, and after being abysmal for so long to be honest I have got to the point where I almost don’t care.

  4. Johnboy

    Players make mistakes that can lead to goals and that’s something no manager can foresee but selecting the wrong team and tactics in the first place will lead to these mistakes in the wrong areas of the pitch.
    The manager is making mistakes every week!

  5. Harold Arkell

    I’ve supported them as man and boy since 1956 the year we lost in the cup final, little did I know this was my first glimpse into the future of sadly SUPPORTING BLUES would bring me THE BLUES. True football is not the be all and end all of life but any Liverpool or Man Utd fan will tell you it does sweeten the low parts of life. By following the team it’s brought nothing but disappointment with the exception of maybe the cup final win, but we were quickly brought down to earth with relegation and a manager switching to VILLA you really couldn’t make this up. In my seventies now I still recall the feel good factor of Freddie Goodwins team,and the excitement of the Sullivan Gold regime when they introduced us to the loveable BARRY FRY what a great rollercoaster ride that was fond memories. In conclusion I would like to point out I will support this club I love till the day I die, but ask yourself the question as the second biggest city where did it all go so sadly WRONG. KEEP RIGHT ON.

  6. Paul Davis

    The club has to be careful of returning to the bad old days of where we were averaging crowds of 6 or 7 thousands because fans grew tired of empty promises,poor performances etc.
    The club continues to go in a downward spiral and fans are growing tired of it. They have done there bit by following them through thick and thin.

  7. Gerard Samuels

    I to have supported the club i love as much as my family for over 60 years and always will.
    However thru all the previous sorrows there was hope a belief this time unfortunately i feel numb.
    We have the worst owners ever yes that includes Ken turn off the lights Wheldon and all the others who thought they could wake the so called sleeping giant.
    I have lost jobs in my earlier years after not getting back to work in mid avery cold mid February night after another fruitless trek to watch the Blues lose in far off places hitch hiked to Carlisle and Sunderland with little or no money.
    Now aged 70 as still as passionate must admit feel there is no hope with the present owners .
    Ding Dong is useless you could appoint the best manager in the world give him all the money he wants but as long as Dong and his cronies run the show nothing would change.
    Leadership come from top to bottom sadly at the top it is non existent and this means the whole structure of the club from top to bottom especially on the pitch is rotten.
    Look at the ground safety issues imagine if we could turn up we would not be allowed in because of safety issues never mind a pandemic what a laughing stock the club is right now.
    So regretfully we have the watch the Vile show get better and better while we suffer .
    Leave you with these thoughts if we could attend i think Dong and Co would be running for their lives in fear of our us the supporters and our anger ( thats is if they care enough and i doubt it )
    If Sheff Utd had scored that goal that was disallowed against the Vile last season because of VAR failure against us it would have stood and we would have been relegated.
    Yes that arrogant crap from across the City have all the luck always will no sour grapes just truth.
    Remember we as fans and a club have to do twice as much to get half the Vile luck that does not excuse were we are today so please Dong and co sell up to real football if possible to local people and never darken our door again.
    Yes i will watch v Blackburn because it is my and your football club we the supporters are the most important people at the club and always will be long after Dong and company have gone.Hopefully Dong and company will clear off sooner than later and we as supporters will get a club proud to support even though we know we will get as many sorrows as joys nothing much will ever change there believe after 70 years and visiting more than 70 away grounds up until Covid struck i know that is fact.
    That is what makes all true blue noses the best in the business KRO

    1. Gerard Samuels

      Sorry for not spell checking my post it was spontaneous and from the heart as all true blue noses feel.

  8. JP

    Whilst we have the present owners, board and manager there is only one direction for Birmingham City and that is down, league one looks a distinct possibility. I can’t remember when the team selection was so negative as it has been this season and the manager has to take responsibility for that and the owners and board have to take responsibility for yet another disastrous selection as regards to the manager. Ever since this lot took over we have stared relegation in the face and it’s only a matter of time before it happens.

    I agree with the original comment that Covid is a much greater disaster but Kranky is a very close second and should be big enough to admit that he’s not good enough and resign for the good of the club followed very closely by the owners and board.

  9. Steve Turner

    Throughout this season I have paid my £10 per game to watch the team on TV. Sometimes reluctantly. Last night it was on Sky so thank God I saved £10 because I would have been fuming to pay to watch that drivel.
    As someone else further up the thread has pointed out it is bad enough that we are not scoring goals but we are not even creating chances. I am loathe to criticise individuals but can someone please explain the role that Clayton has. He is awful – slow beyond belief and no creative spark in his body. Truly dreadful.
    Then there is Etheridge. I know some people think he is the best goalkeeper we have had in ages. I don’t agree. A good shot stopper? Yes. Crosses? Awful. Kicking? Poor. Yes he can stop penalties but so too could Camp. I have been watching since 1967 and have seen some truly great players down there – Pickering, Bridges, Francis, Latchford, Worthington, Dugarry, Bellingham. Players who would run through a brick wall for the club – Grainger, Lazaridis, Tait, Devlin. Who in the current team has either the skill of the first examples or the desire of the second?
    The pandemic has changed the football experience but this current team might just change my attendance because watching this on tv is a persuasive argument that buying a season ticket would have been a bad investment for this season and not a much better option for next season too.
    When a club changes their tried and trusted pies for an inferior version because it is saving them some money says all you need to know about a club that has ambitions above its station and its financial wherewithal.

  10. Binghamblue

    Kranky talks about mistakes as if that was why we lost, he hasn’t got a clue. We were appalling all over the pitch. I actually counted Derbys players once because I thought they must have more than we did. They were everywhere, full of running, ideas and invention. We offered absolutely nothing all game. It was probably the worst performance I have ever seen from a Blues team going back to 1969.
    I really dont know where we go from here, and I suspect Kranky hasn’t a clue either. These are his players, that he brought to the club. Old has beens and never will be players, here for a pay day.

  11. Johnboy

    Every morning I wake up and check the news to see if Karanka has been sacked and hope that Eddie Howie has taken over…with some money to spend in January.
    Or at the very least we get Troy Deeney in January to come as a player and then into the coaching team.
    Or am I still asleep and dreaming…

  12. JP

    After yet another dismal, pathetic display, after yet seven changes to a team that the manager wonders why there’s inconsistency surely the owners and board can’t allow Kranky free to continue ruining the club during another transfer period. He’s about as much use as a chocolate fireguard, he hasn’t a clue. he says he sees improvement, yes we only lost by two goals yesterday, our only shot stopper is the back of the net, Surely no-one can respect a person, whether it be the CEO, board member or manager who seems hell bent on getting our club relegated because that’s the only agenda this lot seem to have in mind. Johnboy my dreams are the same as yours, unfortunately what self respecting manager would want to come to Birmingham with the way it’s being run?

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