Away and home

Paint splash kitApart from the match, the trip to Nottingham on Saturday wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed being with friends and met some nice people while I was handing out Community Shares Survey leaflets. One of the other benefits of handing them out was that I got into the stadium late and missed seeing the goal that condemned us to yet another loss.  

While distributing the leaflets, it wasn’t always easy to tell the Birmingham City fans from the Forrest ones. So I was grateful for the ones who wore their colours. One young man was wearing the infamous Triton Showers paint splash kit from the 1992-93 season. That was the season that the Kumars went bankrupt, the club went into administration and was then bought by Gold and Sullivan.

I will also be handing out copies of the Community Shares Survey before today’s game. I’ll be in McDonald’s from about 1 to 1.30 pm, sharing out the bundles of leaflets with other volunteers. If you are around at that time and have questions about Community Shares, come and have a chat.  You can also find information on the Blues Trust site by clicking here.

1 thought on “Away and home

  1. john the pom

    Just to let you know the German flag scarf and fanzine I bought at the Burnley game from the seller on Coventry Road went to a good home……..I gave them away to Stan LAZARIDIS today.
    His kids are Bluenoses and he follows our Club passionately.
    I asked him if he has greater affection for West Ham than the Blues and he said No it’s Blues he has the passion for.

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