I wasn’t happy about Birmingham City playing their last home game of the season on a cold Friday evening but it was a good game. Middlesbrough players had everything to play for, trying to hold on to an automatic promotion place, and Blues players matched them in commitment and desire. The 4,833 away fans helped to boost the numbers and make it the largest home crowd of the season; they also contributed to the atmosphere, as did the newly formed Tilton Alliance. It’s a great feeling when the crowd gets behind the team and so much better than watching on TV.

However, after watching Leicester fans celebrating in pubs and outside their ground on Sunday night, I realise that the feeling of togetherness can be created wherever a group of fans gather. In some ways, it may be easier to do that in a pub where fans are free to have a drink and move around.  Sitting in rows is not conducive to celebration.  It helps if people can stand and jump up and down. I personally prefer to sit down most of the time but am glad that the Tilton Alliance were allowed to stand in Block 4. I hope they’ll be there next season, helping to create an atmosphere that will attract more fans to come back and join us at St Andrew’s.

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  1. Dan

    I thought the Tilton Alliance did a great job. They just had a party and hoped to take others with them without the arrogance and “we’re better supporters than you” attitude of the block 11 crowd.

    No doubt the atmosphere was helped by the performance on the pitch and the collective desire to stop Middlesbrough, but these things can create a feedback loop and I for one hope they will be trying to do the same every game next season as anything that can lift the team and the rest of the crowd should be encouraged. I would be amazed if they’re allowed to stand up every game but if they club can sanction it then that would be great.

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