At home

The pictures below show the final scores of Birmingham City’s last 8 home games.

They lost the 4 home games before October 27th and got 3 wins and a draw in the next 4. You may remember that October 27th was the day that Gary Rowett was appointed manager of Birmingham City. I was among those who doubted that a new manager could make much difference; I am delighted to have been proved wrong. The team has moved from a vicious circle to a virtuous one. Their confidence had been dented by losing games and then their lack of confidence led to them losing more games. Now they have won some games, their confidence has soared and they are playing better so they win more games.

The crowd is part of this virtuous circle too. Problems on and off the pitch had kept many fans away from St Andrew’s. Those that did go, went fearing the worst and some were more ready to condemn than to cheer. But the fans got behind Gary Rowett and showed their support for him and the team he put on the pitch. St Andrew’s is becoming more intimidating for away teams and less intimidating for our own players.

The performance on Saturday wasn’t perfect and at times our defence looked as dodgy as Reading’s. But our goals were all good and I’ve enjoyed watching them again on the YouTube highlights. When I saw it live, I was as confused as the Reading players were by the first goal. I thought that Cotterill had passed the ball to Cadis and couldn’t see how he’d managed to do that. It was only when I watched the replay that I realised that Cotterill’s run was to distract attention and it was Grounds who had passed to Cadis. It was pleasing to see a clever manoeuvre that actually worked.  Gray’s 3 goals showed great composure. Shinnie’s goal was my favourite I think; I was expressing my opinion that he couldn’t possibly score from there when he did. And Cotterill made it 6 with his curving free kick. Guy Moussi made his debut as a sub on 78 minutes and Zigic came on a few minutes later.  It all felt quite surreal; with Blues scoring all those goals and Zigic back on the pitch.