Analytical questions

  1. Which player scored an equaliser in a cup replay at Anfield that earned a penalty shootout in which Birmingham failed to convert a single penalty?
  2. Which player scored both goals in a 1-1 draw on his debut for Birmingham?
  3. Why am I asking these questions?

I’ll answer the third question first.

My main reason for starting this blog was that I wanted to learn how to use WordPress and I needed a site of my own to try things out.  Some of the things I want to try require readers. (For example, Google Analytics can’t measure the number of visits if nobody visits my site.)  To get readers I need to write something and a quiz was one thing that came to mind. Hence the questions.

For anyone who is still reading, I’d like to say thank you, you’ve been a real help.  I hope you have found something interesting on my site and will visit again.

For those who don’t know, Ricky Otto is the answer to both of the first two questions.

The cup replay was on was January 18th, 1995. Scorers during the game were Redknapp for Liverpool (21) and Otto (69).  Liverpool won 2-0 on penalties.  Birmingham had the first penalty kick and this is what happened: Ward missed; Ruddock’s shot was saved; McGavin’s shot was also saved; Redknapp scored; Daish missed; Bjornebye scored; Cooper missed. (Information on penalty shootout taken from; my memory isn’t that good!)

Otto’s debut was on Boxing Day 1994, against Cambridge United.  I haven’t looked up a match report but my memory is that he scored for us first and then for Cambridge and that both were rather good headers.