All is not lost

The title of this is the concluding statement in Colin Tattum’s video interview1, recorded after Birmingham City’s loss on Saturday. I agree with him that there were some positives in the way the team played.  I wish that I could also agree that if they continue to play with the same attitude and determination they will be ok this season.  Tatts said that he saw no fear in the players’ eyes but if he looked into mine he’d see it. 

However, I do try to look for positives and there are some. Having Will Packwood2 playing in the team is one of them. Will was born in the USA but his father was a Blues fan from Solihull. So Will moved here when he was 14 years old in order to attend Blues Academy.  A year ago he was out of action after breaking both his tibia and fibula in a third round cup tie. That injury kept him out of the Blues team for just over a year, with 9 months recovering and a spell on loan to Bristol Rovers to regain match fitness. The fact that he has received The Football League’s Young Player of the Month Award is an indication of how well his rehabilitation has gone.

Birmingham City Ladies team reaching the UEFA Champions League quarter final is also good news.  The game is tonight, at 7 pm.  Details3 are on the official site.  Go and support them if you can.

Respect to all those going to The Den to support the men’s team on Tuesday night. I hope the game and the result makes the long journey worth it. My only trip there was in October 2012 and it took ages to get there (would have helped if the coach driver had known the way) but the exciting fight back from 3-0 down to a 3-3 draw, courtesy of a Marlon King hat trick, made me glad I’d gone.

What if we don’t get a result on Tuesday night and continue to lose?  Will all be lost if we go down to League 1?  I don’t think so. We’ve been through tough times before and survived them. I’m not ready to abandon hope yet.

  1. VIDEO: Colin Tattum picks out the positives after defeat to Reading
  2. Will Packwood: Birmingham City rookie fit to fulfil American dream
  3. Women’s Champions league ticket details