About this website

The picture on this page  indicates my mood. It just seems as though men wearing funny clothes doing a strange dance is a good fit for Birmingham City FC. See below for other pictures, reflecting other moods.

This is a personal blog; the opinions expressed are mine alone and don’t represent the views of any organisations to which I belong.  And, because it is personal, I don’t want any ads on it and don’t reply to any messages asking if I would like to advertise opportunities to gamble your money away or spend it on anything else. I set the blog up in February 2013 because I wanted to learn how to use WordPress and needed a site of my own to try things out.

I chose a quote from the first line of Keep Right on to the End of the Road as my site title. This song was written by Harry Lauder shortly after his son was killed in action in World War I. It’s one of the songs that helped the British keep going through World War II and it also helps Birmingham City fans survive the sorrows associated with supporting that club.

I also like the fact that ‘longlong’ means ‘mad’ or ‘crazy’ in Tok Pisin, a creole spoken throughout Papua New Guinea. I had the privilege and great good fortune to spend part of my life living in that beautiful country.

I chose Puddleglum as a nom de plume because I identify with him more than any other fictional character.  He helps two children in their quest to find a lost prince in The Silver Chair, a children’s book written by C S Lewis. He expects the worst – enemies, floods, dragons – but keeps plodding on regardless. My real name is Margaret Decker.


Data is collected for the sole purpose of running the site and is not sold or passed on to anyone else.

Twitter and flickr

I have a Twitter account and flickr account associated with this site.  The Tweets on the Twitter account are mainly notifications of new blog posts.

Pictures I have used on this page

After Garry Monk was sacked in June 2019, I went back to just my foggy slushy picture.

In December 2018 I was happy with the togetherness of the team and fans and very satisfied with the way Garry Monk was concentrating on what he could do rather than getting tied up with all the problems facing the club.  But I was still worried about the business plan imposed by the EFL and how the club would meet the requirements of the Profitability and Sustainability rules.  So I was happy about some things but very uncertain about others and decided I had to have a picture representing this dichotomy. 

The morning after Steve Cotterill was sacked was both foggy and slushy with melting snow. It seemed the perfect time to take a new mood-indicator photo.  This one reflected my feeling that everything had got rather messy and I still had no idea how it would work out.

Following the sacking of Gary Rowett on 14 December 2016, I changed the picture to a foggy road because I had no idea how it would work out but I felt bad about it.

After the game on December 13th 2014 in which we scored 6 goals and Zigic made his return I felt I needed something a bit different.

After losing 0 – 8 to Bournemouth, I had to revert to the original winter-of-discontent picture.

snowy path

After getting a win in our first home game of the season on 16/8/2014 I used a picture of the crowd going home happy.

On August 9th, 2014, after Blues lost their first match of the season, I replaced the summery image with one of a rainy day.

In 2014, during the break between seasons, I used a picture that reflected my summer holiday mood.

The original picture used on this blog reflects the hard slog of following Blues when the outlook is bleak.

snowy path