A team game

After the game on Monday, Colin Tattum expressed his opinion of fans who blamed Robinson for the loss, he Tweeted, “Yes Blues should have done better, but as a team, in regard the goals. To see such vitriol aimed at one individual and blame laid at his feet is incredibly poor and unbecoming. Sure, football about opinions. That’s mine. I was there. Team wins together, loses together.

I agree and, in my opinion, fans should be part of the team. My role at a game is not just to be an observer on the side lines; I’m a participant willing my team to win. So it feels totally wrong when fans boo one of their own players during a game, as some fans did when Dyer came on as a substitute in the game on Friday. I’m not saying that fans shouldn’t have opinions just that everyone should be pulling together during the game.

Teams do best when they work together with everyone knowing where he is supposed to be playing and what he is supposed to do.  They need to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and be ready to rescue the situation when another player fails to play his part. Some players do better than others but no player loses a game on his own.

No player wins a game on his own either though at times one player can change a game. The most remarkable example I’ve seen of that was the infamous game with Swindon in 1993. Glen Hoddle, the Swindon player-manager, changed the game by putting himself in midfield and controlling the game from there.  Blues were leading 4-1 but Swindon scored 5 goals in the last half hour and won 4-6.

Over the Easter weekend, we won one and lost one.  We were not disgraced against top-of-the-table Bournemouth; they only scored half the number of goals that they got in our previous encounter. Their come-from-behind victory was by no means our worst collapse. If some people felt so upset at that result that they vented their anger on Robinson, a player who has done so much for us, then maybe they are supporting the wrong team. If they don’t understand the sorrows part of “joys and sorrows” then they might do better to support the other Blues this season, who are top of the Premier League.