A sad ending

Pep Clotet left Birmingham City yesterday, after we lost 1-3 to Swansea.  He was given an impossible job and tried to do it. 

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4 thoughts on “A sad ending

  1. Peter Bates

    Once again our club is a laughing stock where do we go from here who knows we need a manager who will throw dong and speakman out of wast Hills and must be aloud to run the playing side to how he wants but who in their right mind would take it ren dong should leave the club as well and football people allowed to run it dong treats it like his own personal plaything but it seems to be that he is allowed to do it by owners who seem to take no notice the club are a shambles at this moment in time kro

  2. Mike

    Until the chinese twats sell us then we are going nowhere except oblivion. No manager in their right mind will have dong and speakman stationed at the training ground.
    There is no money for players and the ones we have are dire also and need to be got rid of.
    Relegation is a cert with no chance of coming back up.
    This club is finished from top to bottom with the chinese nincompupes in charge !!

  3. John

    Its quite obvious that the problem at BCFC is the directors. For them to employ so many consecutive poor managers (there were a couple of reasonable ones, but they stupidly got rid of them ), is proof that they know nothing about running a professional football club. If they really care about the future of the club, they should get out now. Who will pay what they want though is a worrying thing. At the moment, the future of the club looks bleak !

  4. Tony Hannigan

    Until we get owners that understand the game we will always be struggling.
    In the short term let Robbo &Gardner caretaker until end of the season.
    Appoint a young manager with the drive and motivation to get us playing decent football again;
    Lee Bowyer for me would be a good option or Nigel Clough. (If we get relegated they may not want the Challenge! )
    Sad days for Blues and it just keeps getting sadder.

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