A good send off

I ended my previous post by saying that I’d like to give the players a good send off.  Well, we certainly did. A crowd of over 20,000 watched Birmingham City lose at home once again, our 13th home loss this season.  I was proud to be part of that crowd that sang, shouted and applauded the team before, during and after the game.

For me, win or lose, it’s better to be at a game than following from a distance.  When you are there, a win is more exhilarating; a loss is more bearable when surrounded by others who share the pain. I was glad I was there last night.  And, whatever the result, I’ll be glad to be at Bolton to see our last game of the season.

If any of the club’s potential buyers was at the game, he will have seen what the support can be like.  There are so many reasons why any sensible person should hesitate to buy a basket case like Birmingham City; the crowd last night showed why it could be a good buy.

3 thoughts on “A good send off

    1. Mike Bledsoe

      Good article Im glad Blues fans showed up last night ! Sad about the result but we as Blues fans are used to disappointments KRO and keep our chins up no matter what .

  1. A Hawkins

    Whatever happens we will always have BCFC in our hearts. Good times will be back but it will take time. If and when new owners do come in then we have got to get behind them. I do believe that this summer will see massive changes with playing staff,new manager and new owners whether we are relegated or not. The thought of playing in the third tier fills me with dread but with new people involved then hopefully shouldn’t be too long before we bounce back.
    The one thing about the current owners that puzzles me is that why they haven’t sold up sooner when you consider that if we do get relegated then the value of the club vastly reduces.

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