A German flag kit story

My scarf project has made my life a bit hectic recently but it has had some pleasant consequences too, such as chats with other fans around the ground and some encouraging messages.  I really enjoyed the message and pictures that a Blues’ fan named Julie sent, explaining her reason for wanting a scarf. She has given me permission to publish it; so here it is:

“I am a Brummie, living in Canada for over 17 years now but still following the mighty Blues. I would love to have a German kit scarf for my bar ‘The Glebe’, that we built in our basement to remind us of home; it even has a Trevor Francis corner with a signed penguin top and a photo of the great one’s boots.

German flag kit-1“The German Flag kit has great sentimental value to me as about 7 years ago we took a photo of my dear old dad (who was a viler fan) wearing it, he sadly passed away this April. We were visiting my sister in Spain and it went cold during the evening, my sister got him a top to wear and we told him at the end of the night he had worn a Blues top.  His face was a picture.

“My dad was known to everyone as Mousey. He was brought up on Baker Street, Small Heath (you couldn’t  get much closer to Small Heath Alliance)  but during the 70’s when viler were on a golden run he went to Wembley a few years running with his friends and so supported viler, bringing my brother Jason up to support the same team. After he passed away this past April we read through his Royal Navy journal and there were many entries where he recorded the Blues score proving he did once support the best team in Brum!

“The scarf will take pride of place in our bar along with other memorabilia I have collected and had sent over the years, it’s tradition that my sister always sends me a Blues calendar for Christmas each year which I look forward to receiving to see who will be on my Birthday (July).    It was brilliant while we were in the Prem, we were regularly on TV, now we play in the Championship sadly we never are. Still we have bounced back before and can do it again and as Blues fans are used to joys and sorrows too.”

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  1. EamonCav

    Seeing someone in that shirt takes me back. I think the first time I seen that kit was an away game at West Brom on either a Tuesday or Wednesday night. Under the floodlights it looked great. I think we lost the game 3-2 but someone could confirm that. Some smashing players in that team, including TF, Bob Latchford, Bob Hatton, Gordon Taylor, Roger Hynd and Dave Latchford (we used to call him the flying pig:- sorry Dave if you are reading this).

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