A few thoughts on the Brentford game

I went to the game with low expectations because of the rain and wind. It didn’t seem like the best weather for a game of football.  The sight of a hole in the roof of a nearby building reinforced that opinion and the possibility of debris from the hole later led to closure of part of Coventry Road. This meant that the walk back down to the bus stop after the game involved a detour.

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3 thoughts on “A few thoughts on the Brentford game

  1. Ratcatcher

    Saw the game from France, both lots of players had trouble staying on their feet, the conditions were appalling and the pitch near waterlogged. Not exactly condusive to good football and mistakes were almost unavoidable and the chance of injury greatly increased. At least the teams tried to play football, but UK winters can get this way sometimes. C’est la vie.

  2. walker

    My thoughts were that not having a back up striker when hogan got injured helped brentford attacked us. also have a winger on the bench you know doesnt want to be in the country doesn thelp. it certainly wasnt his type of game (when is recently). I would much rather have keita on the bench than montero.

  3. dave

    My thoughts also,
    Keita could of done something Saturday (rate him)
    Montero stuck in a rut (same moves nothing different)
    The team went from hot to cold
    needed to keep attacking!.(even if it was over the top).

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