3 Men and a Mic

3 Men and a MicI was in the Legends’ Lounge last night.  The format was the same as the 3 Men and a Mic event last August, three men answering questions posed by Tom Ross, but the atmosphere seemed more subdued.  Back then the three men answering the questions were Lee Clark, Derek Fazackerley and Terry McDermott and the topic that was off limits was the controversial incident during the cup game at Yeovil.  Last night the three men were Darren Randolph, Chris Burke and Paul Robinson; the off-limits topic was the reported departure of Derek Fazackerley and Terry McDermott.    

In my post about the event last August I wrote about empathy, the ability to understand how another person feels, to see the world from his point of view. For me, the main value of these kinds of events is that they help supporters to see football professionals as fellow human beings and help to restore a sense of connection with them that is missing in modern football.

The players also need to understand the supporters’ point of view and some of the answers last night indicated that they do.  They were asked what features of the game in Europe would they like to see introduced into the British game.  Chris Burke said he’d like to have cheaper tickets and talked about how the German stadiums were packed with fans because the tickets over there are affordable.  It was clear that they’d like to have bigger crowds at St Andrew’s, they liked the atmosphere at the game with Nottingham Forrest.  They didn’t like playing in pink at Millwall.  They don’t like losing.

They talked about their responsibility to be good role models for the younger players and to encourage them. They said that all of them need to stick together during these hard times.  I couldn’t agree more. Players, club staff, supporters and everyone associated with Birmingham City need to stick together.

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