1st of 300

First scarfToday I received a message from the scarf manufacturer with a picture of the first AWCA scarf off the production line.

I’ve been trying to think through all that I need to do to get the scarves distributed to anyone who might want to buy one.  But my efforts at planning have been hampered by mood swings between hope and terror. It’s the same kind of feeling that I get before big games; the sensible side of my brain tells me that Birmingham City will probably lose but there is a little bit of hope that we could win. My sensible side knows that getting a scarf made is the easy bit; getting Blues fans to buy them will be much harder.

I’m trying to hold on to any encouraging thoughts that flit through my brain and one of them is that 300 is an appropriate number.  I didn’t chose to order 300 for any symbolic significance the number might have but because that was enough to make the price per scarf reasonable but few enough to keep the total price down to an amount I could afford to lose if the idea doesn’t catch on. But it’s just occurred to me that 300 was the number of heroic Spartans who fought to the death at Thermopylae. So, depending on your point of view, anyone who is willing to wear one of the scarves is either

  1. showing he/she belongs to a heroic group
  2. going to die of embarrassment if the idea doesn’t catch on.

If the idea does catch on then I’m hoping some entrepreneurs will take over the production and sale of scarves and related items. But if they do, I’m hoping that they will leave off the date, October 2013, because I’d like the first 300 people to adopt the idea to be able to prove they have one of the original scarves. When I’m in a hopeful mood I like to dream that they may become a collectors’ item.


28 thoughts on “1st of 300

  1. Chris Brown

    Mate, I would buy one of these off you. Fair play for getting off your arse and actually doing something about the crisis that grips our club. Any statement of intent however small towards these arseholes that are destroying our club is fine by me.

    Keep up the good work, and dont be put off from the inevitable abuse some so called blues fans may aim at you.
    email me when you are in the position to sell these as I said I will defo take one

  2. Puddleglum Post author

    I’m still working out the details of how to distribute them. I’m hoping to get people to sell them around the ground and will put an update on my blog as soon as I can. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Bazzathebluenose

    I have to say that I dislike the song that is chanted and deliberately don’t join in as I am old fashioned enough to believe that a court of law should convict Carson Yeung and not us. That being said what is on the scarf I fully endorse and I will definitely buy one mate. Thank you for making the effort and getting them produced.

  4. Dave

    Tremendous idea, count me in, i’ll definitely purchase a scarf .
    I back what Chris Brown says in his post, it’s good to see someone making a stand.
    i really hope this idea snowball’s


  5. Lee

    One idea to make it easier to sell is to put on eBay.
    That way it gets to a high number of people and its easy to post on.

    I think a lot of blues supporters can then easily find them to buy one.

  6. Jimbo

    As said before, fair play to you for doing this. Brilliant work. For that alone I’d most certainly buy one.

    How much are you looking to sell them for and do you have contact details so I get one of the first batch?

  7. Darren Astley

    I’ll definitely buy one .contact details and price please .fair play for doing something constructive.

  8. Zicoblue

    The whole idea of the belgium flag design 70s kit is so they stand out.. They would hardly stand out if blue and white ffs.. Oh and yes ill buy two if you give details of where youll be selling them (saturday at ground perhaps?)

  9. Keith sykes

    I would definitely buy one, as lee said put them on ebay as well at ground or the surrounding pubs, see if the blues trust could help unless you don’t want them jumping on your idea.

  10. Steven Carr's Hairdresser

    This is a brilliant idea. The scarf colour will stand out really well and make a much more positive and classy message than our six toed cousin’s bedsheets. I’m a season ticket holder but I can’t always get to games so I think Lee’s suggestion to put them on ebay is a good one. You will EASILY sell all 300 mate! Good on you for doing this.

  11. Brummie1875

    I would like to buy a few.

    I suggest that we send you photos of fans with the scarfs from various corners of the world. The Evening Mail will probably photograph fans at the ground wearing the scarfs so the more content we can create for them the better.

    This is a great initiative and will hopefully galvanise supporters to be more pro-active.

    Please use Ebay to get some distributed (not forgetting to recoup your 10% sale fee and 4% paypal fee)


  12. Wingman Blue

    I’ll buy two straight off. Where can I get them, as I can’t make the Wednesday match but I’ll be at Stans on Wednesday next (!) Ebay would work for me too. Fantastic idea, well thought out. About the only positive news at the moment.

  13. bigd

    Well done mate – I think if this catches on it will be a great sight with 15000 blue noses wearing them.

    Again give yourself a pat on the back.

  14. Large spuds

    Ill have one fair play to ya how much and where can I get one ? Good luck to ya if helps get rid of the triads!

  15. Burntwood Blue

    Well done for doing something positive.
    As others have said I love the scarf and hate the song.
    If it was on ebay I would get one right now – just let me know when and where they will be sold.

  16. Hants Blue Nose

    I will definitely get a couple. Also happy to invest in future production and sales if you are still looking for someone ?

    Drop me a line

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